Acta Didactica Napocensia

Volume 10 Number 1, pages 35-46

Published: 30 May 2017




Laboratories for Teaching of Mathematical Subjects

Štefan Berežný


Abstract: We have adapted our two laboratories at our department based on our research results, which were presented at the conference CADGME 2014 in Halle and published in the journal [1]. In this article we describe the hardware and software structure of the Laboratory 1: LabIT4KT-1 -- Laboratory of Computer Modelling and the Laboratory 2: LabIT4KT-2 -- Laboratory of Numerical Mathematics. We explain the functionality of these laboratories in teaching mathematics courses at our faculty with priority given to usage of freely available software. We describe why we have made some changes in the laboratories and how these changes assist in their operation. We focus mainly to teach the following mathematical subjects at these laboratories: Operational Analysis, Linear and Quadratic Programming, Numerical Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Queuing Theory, Software Computing Resources, Software tools for modeling processes, Applications of Differential Equations, Optimization Methods, and Fundamentals of the TeX, (LaTeX).

Key words: Teaching, Mathematical Software, Mathematical Subjects, Laboratories


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