Acta Didactica Napocensia

Volume 10 Number 2, pages 57-66

Published: 25 August 2017




Effects of Teachers’ Epistemological, Health View and Pedagogical Beliefs on the Didactic Strategy to Teach Adolescent Reproductive Health: A Cameroonian Perspective

Lawrence Ntam Nchia, Tamesse L. Joseph, George Epah Fonkeng,

George Nditafon Ngeh


Abstract: Despite the recommended didactic strategy to teach Adolescent Reproductive Health in Cameroon using Competency Based Approach with entry through problem situations, a lot of resistance is till observed within biology teachers in this multicultural and linguistic country.  This cross sectional study uses Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) techniques to investigate factor that might facilitate or inhibit the effective implementation of this reforms using a purposeful and convenient sample comprised of 373 In-service Biology secondary school teachers.

The validity and reliability of our research instrument was investigated and confirmed using Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Thereafter, a hypothesised SEM model was conceptualised and tested. The model provided a reasonable good overall fit. Teachers’ belief in authority and knowledge as unchanging has a strong positive direct effect on their Biomedical Health view and on the use of traditional teaching method but a negative direct effect on using contemporary didactic strategy. Contrarily, Teachers who criticize authority and belief in knowledge as tentative equally developed Biopsychosocial Health view which correlates strongly with Constructivist teaching method that positively influences the use of these didactic strategies. This can serve as a candidate theory for further investigation. It could have implication in the development of psychosocial competences in learners and in the training of ARH educators.

Key words: Adolescent Reproductive Health; Didactic strategies; Structural Equation Modelling: Epistemology; and Health View.



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