Acta Didactica Napocensia

Volume 10 Number 4, pages 11-20

Published: 25 December 2017




Exploring Teaching Satisfaction of Public High School Teachers: Empirical Evidence from Turkey

Hilal Büyükgöze, Feyza Gün


Abstract: The current paper primarily investigates teaching satisfaction of teachers working in public high schools of Ankara. The latter aim of this study is to determine whether teachers’ satisfaction levels vary in relation to some demographic variables such as gender, education, type of high school, tenure, marital status, and membership to an educational union. The study group consists of 337 (182 female and 155 male) high school teachers from eight public high schools located in Ankara. The data collection tool was ‘Teaching Satisfaction Scale-TSS’ developed by Ho and Au (2006). The data was analyzed by utilizing t test, ANOVA, and LSD test of post hoc tests. The construct validity of the scale was tested by confirmatory factor analysis on AMOS 23.0 program. For the reliability of the scale, Cronbach alpha coefficient was calculated, and the result verified that the TSS is a reliable assessment tool for evaluating teaching satisfaction. Further, the implications of teaching satisfaction in educational organizations is discussed based on the findings of the study.

Key words: teaching satisfaction; public sector; high school; Turkey



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